NEW YEARS Accountability Chain

       We all have heard the joke, “Yea I had a New Year’s Resolution once… and by February I already failed”. Sometimes people don’t take time to solidify concrete goals because they don’t believe they will consistently pursue it for a long period of time. What if there was a program that puts you in a group full of people who are dedicated to holding you accountable to your specific ambitions and periodically reminds you to take action? 

The New Years Accountability Chain is a group of people who are tracking and taking actionable steps toward their goals. Group members hold each other accountable to not giving up until success is achieved.

Accountability Chain Rules:

1.    Commit to at least completing our two week Online Video Bootcamp. You can learn more about the bootcamp by clicking here. This bootcamp will teach you everything you need to know about the program. 

2.    Commit to adding a Link to the Chain. This means that you’ll get one friend or family member to join this New Years Accountability Chain. You will need to add a Link to the Chain within 7 days. 

3.    Commit to Sending Joy to the person you referred at least once a month. This means that you’ll look at their Goal Progression Log and add a positive or motivational comment to it. 

4.    If you decide to stop using your Goal Progression Log, please introduce your "Link" (the person you referred) to your "Up-Link" (the person that referred you). This way the chain won’t be broken.

As an introduction, we would like to guide you through a free 2 week Video Bootcamp. Click here for a preview or enter your email below to get started.