Where Do You Fit

       Sometimes, when people think about writing goals down, they think about New Year’s Resolutions and all the negative or comical connotations that are associated. We all have heard the joke, “Yea I had a New Year’s Resolution once… By February I already failed”. We think people don’t take time to solidify concrete goals because they don’t believe they will consistently pursue it for a long period of time. What if there was a program that puts you in a group full of people who are dedicated to holding you accountable to your specific aspirations (no matter what they might be) and periodically reminds you to take action? 

       Research done by psychologist Dr. Gail Matthews concluded that those who merely formulate goals but don’t write them down only accomplish 43% of those goals. Those who write them down accomplish 64%, and those who write their goals down and share them with a friend accomplish 76% of their goals. Unfortunately, most people don’t write their goals down or utilize their social circles to help them reach their aspirations.

       TwoWks is social software that causes you to take actionable steps toward your goals, chronicle your progress and connect to a group of accountability partners. We believe that accountability is usually the missing link between motivation and consistency. To start off, we help you figure out the best action plan for your unique situation. If you weren’t referred to TwoWks, we'll connect you to a group of people (based on your age, location and interests) who will periodically motivate and reenergize you. From there, three things will happen every two weeks: Step One - First, you will update your Goal Progression Log. This tool is intuitive enough to accelerate your progress and improve your overall mindset. Step Two - Next, you will view one of your group members’ Goal Progression Logs to write a positive comment or observation. This is called, “Sending Joy”. Step Three - Finally, someone else will look at your Goal Progression Log and say something motivational or reenergizing. We call this, “Receiving Joy”. 

       If you need help coming up with a plan of attack or if you don’t have any ideas of goals you want to pursue, TwoWks has a list of Templates. For each kind of goal, Templates will provide a list of suggested; [a] Tasks (things to do), [b] UnProductives (things to avoid), [c] Ratings (things you can rate/evaluate yourself on from 1 to 10), [d] Weekly Questions and [e] Monthly Questions. Here are some of the Templates we offer: [1] Have More Fun / Be More Joyful, [2] Find goal worth pursuing / Find your passion, [3] Increase Income, [4] Create and Complete Your Bucket List, [5] Cultivate Group of Likeminded Friends, [6] Discover and Apply to New Career Possibilities, [7] Eliminate Negative Influences, [8] Improve Your Physical Health, [9] Budget Finances More Wisely / Save Up for a Major Purchase, [10] Perfect a Skill or Craft, [11] Get a Promotion or a Raise, [12] Collect Mementoes and Memories etc…

       As an introduction, we offer an Online Video Bootcamp for free. Through this bootcamp you will learn how to; [1] Use goal management tools and track progress, [2] Find and define goals you can be passionate about, [3] Formulate a strategy for accomplishing your aspirations, [4] Be motivated and reenergized by your accountability partners, [5] Personalize techniques to overcome obstacles and setbacks, [6] Get yourself into a routine that will make success a habit, [7] Celebrate small wins to make the journey more enjoyable, [8] Cultivate and maintain a positive, optimistic and resilient mindset, [9] Give friends and family a way to be involved and supportive and [10] Rest, de-stress and relax so that you don’t burn yourself out!

       TwoWks focuses information and technology to produce meaningful change. Now people will no longer have to go after their aspirations alone and/or with no clear direction. This simple concept has the power to truly change people’s lives. It can alleviate feelings of loneliness, hopelessness, apathy and fear that sometimes cripples people into stagnation. TwoWks also has the ability to transform an autonomous and anonymous community into a united, caring and collaborative one. Here are three hypothetical examples of where TwoWks can make an impact:

1.    A college student named Sarah has a few bad habits that she wants to break, but she is too embarrassed to ask her friends for help. Sarah can join an online accountability group in a different state (where no one knows her). She will build new friendships with these people while eliminating her bad habits. 

2.    A young professional named John is working a job that he absolutely hates. He has an awesome group of friends who will support him in whatever he does. He wants their help, but he doesn’t know what to tell them. TwoWks will help him articulate his desires, convert them into actionable steps and plan mini-milestones that he can show to his friends. This way, his friends know what to expect and when to expect it, so they can remind him, keep him on track and hold him accountable to finding a new job. 

3.    Jacklyn is the founder of a startup company and has a team of 20 skilled employees. She feels like her staff was never properly introduced to one another and therefore isn’t very united. Jacklyn can create a TwoWks accountability group just for the workers in her office. They will now be able to build camaraderie by updating their Goal Progression Logs, Sending Joy and Receiving Joy with each other.


Posted on November 14, 2014 .