Accountability Chain

If you are viewing this page, you were probably referred by friends or family. They would like you to become a Link in their Accountability Chain! An Accountability Chain is a group of people who are tracking and taking actionable steps toward their goals. Group members hold each other accountable to not giving up until success is achieved.

Accountability Chain Rules:

1.    Commit to completing our two week Online Video Bootcamp. You can learn more about the bootcamp by clicking here

2.    Commit to adding a Link to the Chain. This means that you’ll get one friend or family member to follow these rules. You will need to add a Link to the Chain within 7 days. 

3.    Commit to Sending Joy to the person you referred at least once a month. This means that you’ll look at their Goal Progression Log and add a positive or motivational comment to it. 

4.    If you decide to stop using your Goal Progression Log, please introduce your "Link" (the person you referred) to your "Up-Link" (the person that referred you). This way the chain won’t be broken.

As an introduction, we would like to guide you through a free 2 week Video Bootcamp. Click here for a preview or enter your email below to get started.