Go for the Gold


       What is your ideal occupation or dream job? Why not GO AFTER IT? Go for the Gold is a six month program that will give you the tools, experience and accountability to GREATLY increase your chances of landing your desired position.


Powered by TwoWks

       TwoWks is social software that causes you to take actionable steps toward your goals and connects you to a group of accountability partners (fellow students and alumni) who'll reenergize you every two weeks. We believe that accountability is usually the missing link between motivation and consistency. 


How can this help me land a job?

       TwoWks will remind you to take small steps toward your end goal. Your fellow students and alumni will become accountability partners to motivate you to keep going for the full six months. 

When you look at people who are successful, you will find that they aren't the people who are motivated, but have consistency in their motivation.

- Arsene Wenger

What will I be doing? 

  • Bi-Weekly Reports detailing the small steps you have been taking 
  • Half-page Dissertations about topics related to your desired occupation
  • Building Relationships with Executives over positions you want to fill 
  • Acquiring Mentors to show your ability to learn from others in the field 
  • Educating Mentees to show your leadership capabilities 
  • Volunteer and/or Freelance Work to boost your hands-on experience 
  • Interviews with people working the same or similar positions as the one you hope for - so you know what to expect 

Dedication won't be a question 

       After the six months, you will have a 50+ page Portfolio that will detail everything you did to make yourself the best candidate for the job. While everyone else will be coming to the interview with a thin resume and cover letter, you will have a robust book that narrates the story of your journey. 


Spare 10 minutes a week for 6 months to make your dream job a reality

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  • TwoWks will call colleges and universities at a rate of 100 - 200 per month 

  • We will allow their alumni organization to set a date where all their members can participate in the Go for the Gold program as a group 

  • The college will be asked to blast this through their email and social networks so all their alumni can sign up

  • We will also allow the college to set a date for current students (mostly juniors and seniors) to participate in the program 

  • They will be asked to blast this though all their marketing mediums so their students can sign up 

  • We will continue reaching out to campuses across the country until all have been contacted