Section 1

The Goal Progression Log (GPL)


            The Goal Progression Log – GPL for short – is a tool created by TwoWks to help people break their goals down into actionable steps. The Goal Progression Log is laid out on a spreadsheet and has you track:

Tasks: Things you’re trying to accomplish on a daily or weekly basis that will help you reach your goals

UnProductives: Things you’re trying to avoid - usually things that will hinder your progress

Ratings: Things you can rate – or self-evaluate – yourself on from 1 to 10

Questions: Open-ended questions that you ask yourself

The GPL is the heart and soul of the curriculum.

Everything revolves around temporarily adding new Tasks, UnProductives, Ratings and Questions.



Consistent Accountability - Students and their accountability partners will complete the following cycle on a periodic monthly, weekly or daily basis throughout the year:

Step 1: Update Log

Students will update their Goal Progression Log. The GPL accelerates their progress toward goals and improves their overall mindset.  

Step 2: Send Joy

Next, they will view one of their accountability partners’ GPLs and write a positive comment or observation. This is called, “Sending Joy”.

Step 3: Receive Joy

In the third step of the monthly cycle, someone will look at the student's GPL and say something motivational or reenergizing. 


Types of goals students will be tracking:

Improve GPA and prepare for SAT/ACT

Establish positive and healthy social relationships

Participate in extracurricular and philanthropic activities 

Develop responsible financial habits 

Submit as many college applications as it takes to be accepted 

Apply for dozens of college scholarships and grants 

Research career paths and figure out a profession they can be passionate about

Find mentors and industry connections who can open doors for them in the future 

Learn hobbies and skills that aren't taught at their school (coding, robotics, graphic design, video production etc...)

 Cultivate productive habits to give themselves a better chance at succeeding in life


Section 2

TwoWks Software Demo Videos

Our program is very simple and easy to use. We have a series of videos that teaches students, parents and administrators how to get the most out of the software. 



Section 3

TwoWks Curriculum Demo Videos 



Section 4

Individual Student Portfolios

Infographic Portfolios.png

Updating a Goal Progression Log's Tasks, UnProductives, Ratings and Questions may not seem like it would generate a lot of information - but it does! TwoWks software is very sophisticated and it pulls enormous amounts of data from minimal inputs. Using TwoWks for as little as 5 minutes per month (for at least 3 months) will produce dozens of pages worth of insight. We arrange this data into beautiful infographic-style charts and graphs – the entirety of the book is called a GPL Portfolio. They are - hands down - the best way to prove how dedicated and consistent the student has been in the past. 

Impress Admissions

Attaching a Portfolio to a college application is a great way for a student to showcase their strengths and make a memorable impact.

Get Scholarships

The ability to cite GPL Portfolio metrics will be invaluable when it comes to writing an awe inspiring scholarship (or grant) essay. 

Nail Job Interviews 

Interviewers will be blown away by the sleek layout and wealth of knowledge the Portfolio provides. Cover letters are a thing of the past! 


Section 5

School-Wide Aggregate Portfolios

All the data from students' individual Portfolios can be combined into a school-wide Aggregate Portfolio. 



Know the status of the organization at a glance

This is a tool to help administrators keep a pulse on the activities of their students and teachers. They will be able to track individual Tasks, UnProductives and Ratings to ensure a certain concept is being executed. For example, they could track the Task “Applications” (the number of college applications submitted each month) – or they could track the Rating “Math Understanding” (the level of understanding students have of their math teachings). 


Great for sending to community supporters

This type of specialized information would be very valuable to volunteers, parents, donors, voters and corporate partners. Schools that can be held accountable (as an organization) will be able to rally support around their needs. Aggregate Portfolios will make it easier to measure the effectiveness and impact of organization-wide changes. 


Section 6

Monthly Accountability Network Email Updates


Each month, students’ updated Portfolio will be sent to their network of accountability partners. Since relatives and family friends will be receiving these reports, parents will be obliged to make sure their child isn’t falling behind.


Now, even parents will be held more accountable to their duties.


Section 7

Let's Be Proactive About Keeping Our Kids Safe


Every month, students will be updating their Goal Progression Log and Sending Joy. Each time they do any of these actions they will have an opportunity to [fill out a form to] report suspicious behavior or warning signs in their lives or other students’. Our curriculum is aligned with many organizations that will educate and raise awareness about topics such as bullying, child abuse and human trafficking. TwoWks allows schools to be proactive in ways that were never possible before. 


Section 8

Leaderboards and Accountability Scores


Which students are making strides toward their goals?
Which ones numbers have taken a negative dip?
How has a certain change impacted the organization?
Who needs immediate help? 

    These and many more questions will be able to be answered with just a quick glance. TwoWks Leaderboards and Accountability Scores make it insanely simple to understand huge quantities of information. 


Section 9

Fundraising Through Motivational Messages


The local community will be able to write motivational messages and turn them into banners that will be seen within the schools online dashboard – these are called Motivation Placards. Whoever purchases a Placard can write their name and company information in order to promote themselves. They will also get access to the schools Aggregate GPL Portfolio! This is an innovative way for schools to raise money and fundraise. 


Section 10

"It takes a village to raise a child"


Once students go through week one of TwoWks onboarding, they will be locked into a group of adult accountability partners who will be receiving monthly updates on the students successes and shortcomings. Teachers will have to do little to no maintenance because students will be deeply connected to their support system. TwoWks shifts the responsibility of accountability back to where it belongs – at home. Too many teachers have had to take on roles that should be assigned to parents such as caretaker, disciplinarian and counselor. It’s time for new approach. 




We customize each school’s curriculum by including interviews from local business owners and entrepreneurs. If you fit the bill, we'd love to hear your story.