Local Sponsorship 


          Community doesn’t happen without the support from local business owners like you. National affiliates like Arizona State University and Gatorade help lower the cost of implementation, but there is still a gap left over. As a local sponsor, you will reap the benefits of advertising your business to thousands of students, parents and supporters. Moreover, each month you will have access to a massive amount of metrics that will explain how impactful your involvement has been.  

Schools needs 10 local sponsors to help cover the cost for materials, software and training. 


Innovative Marketing Benefits


We took great effort to ensure that your contribution isn’t simply a donation. Your expenditure will be a marketing investment that will yield a definite advertising return on investment. Additionally, you will have a unique impact to the health of your local community and youth. 


Animated Advertisements

            We work with graphic designers and marketing professionals to produce animated advertisements. They will work with you to craft a powerful message and call to action made to turn viewers into actual customers. Advertisements can include videos and external links. Here are a few examples below: 


Reaching the Local Community 

            High schools we work with typically have an average of 2,000 students. For the curriculum, each student is required to work with at least 4 adult accountability partners - parents, relatives, family friends etc… Most students will double or triple that requirement because we have many incentives for larger accountability networks including:

  • Gift cards to the Walmart, Nike, Best Buy and Amazon
  • Tickets to local pro sports games + meet and greets 
  • Extra credit for their classes

Expect your advertisements to reach at least 10,000+ users
(2,000 students and 8,000+ adult accountability partners) 


Quality of Impressions vs. Quantity of Impressions 

            If you advertise in a magazine or newspaper you can expect your static advertisement to be viewed a maximum of three times – since people don’t typically reread things multiple times. Our three step cycle of [a] Updating the Goal Progression Log, [b] Sending Joy and [c] Receiving Joy will ensure your advertisements will be seen many times by each member. 


The Portfolio PDF Generator

            Each time a PDF version of a Portfolio is generated, your company will be named as a sponsor of the school. This is another way for your brand to be spread throughout the community. Individual and Aggregate Portfolios will be generated for various reasons including:

  • Students will send them alongside their college applications and essays
  • Students will use them when they’re seeking grant or scholarships
  • Students will bring them to job and internship interviews
  • Each month students’ Portfolios will automatically be sent to their accountability network
  • School administrators will periodically send them to donors and community supporters 

Local News Portfolio Syndication 

            Local news outlets are always looking for news stories that have continuous updates throughout the year. They especially love it when they have facts and figures to present (e.g. weather, sports stats, financial markets). Reoccurring stories like these keep their viewers coming back and viewership is a news outlet primary concern. Technology, youth happenings and philanthropy are also hot topics so expect plenty of coverage. You may receive shutouts as a sponsor, but more importantly you will be able to lay claim to any media that highlights your school’s GPL statistics. Now you will be able to fill up a ‘Press’ page on your website or talk about how you’ve impacted the community.


Monthly Updates

            We want to keep you in the loop on what is happening within your school. In addition to you having access to the school’s ever-changing Portfolio statistics, we will also provide you with monthly metrics on how much exposure your company is getting through TwoWks.

These monthly metrics will include:

  • The number of Accountability Network emails that are sent
  • The number of Portfolio PDFs that are generated
  • The number of unique views your advertisements have received
  • The number of unique clicks your advertisements have received
  • The number of same views your advertisements have received
  • The number of same clicks your advertisements have received


You will also receive monthly metrics related to the wellbeing of the school, including:

  • The number of confidential student reports on bullying, drug problems and child abuse signs
  • The amount of fundraising dollars that were raised through selling Motivation Placards
  • The number of scholarship applications and scholarship applications sent by students (GPL Task)
  • The number of times students allowed themselves to be negatively influenced (GPL UnProductive)
  • On a scale of 1 – 10, the average effort students put into developing productive habits (GPL Rating)
  • Responses to the question, “What was my biggest accomplishment this month?” (GPL Question)