Group Accounts

       TwoWks Group Accounts will allow your organization to maximize unity  towards a common goal through increased accountability, productivity and communication. Before you continue, please watch:

The Introduction Video
The Challenge Video
The How It Works Video
The Curriculum Video

Benefits of a Group Account

Accountability - Group members can be held accountable to do (or not do) the things that will help them on their personal journeys, reach their goals and live their desired lifestyle. The group account can also hold members accountable to tasks that will benefit your organization and it’s objectives. Just like GPL Templates provide field suggestions for specific objectives, your group account can offer field suggestions related to the organizations aspirations.

Rapport - It is too common for people to have never met many of the other members within their own organization - especially in larger establishments. TwoWks group members will be sending and receiving Joy multiple times per month. This periodic engagement will strengthen relationships and help members get acquainted. When someone knows a good portion of the members in their group, they feel more connected and valuable to the organization. It is less likely that a person will leave an organization if they feel that their presence will be missed.

Growth - Not only is your organization successful at its core mission, but now you've given your members the tools (e.g. The Goal Progression Log) and support (e.g. The Group Account’s accountability) to make their dreams a reality! This provides a secondary reason for your members to refer their friends and family. Instead of inviting people for the sole purpose of your organizations ambitions, they can also invite them to be their TwoWks Accountability Partner. When they join using your member’s referral-code, they will become part of your organizations group account. At that point they will begin to get acquainted with other group members as they send and receive Joy.

Information Dissemination - Since members will be visiting your group account several times per month, you will be able to keep members up to date on events and other information.

Group Morale - Your members will generally be in a more positive mood as [a] they take actionable steps toward their goals, [b] update their successes on their Goal Progression Logs, [c] send Joy and [d] receive Joy/Positivity from their peers. TwoWks helps illuminate your members direction, accomplishment, success, satisfaction and vision for their future.

Group Account Features

  • Goal Progression Logs
  • Group Statistics and Graphs
  • Group Message Board/Forum/Blog
  • Motivation Message Board
  • Impact Stats Viewer (referrals tracker)
  • Virtual Awards Generator
  • File Uploader and Downloader
  • Events Calendar and Notifications  
  • Private Messaging Inbox and Outbox
  • Individual and Personalized Profiles
  • Link Presenter - URL and Description
  • Administrative Mass Messaging Blaster
  • Information, News and Activity Feed
  • Administrative Access and Management

Additional Resources

  • Goal Progression Log Templates
  • Consultation from Result Coaches
  • Automated Virtual Coaching Programs


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