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       This is a presentation of TwoWks's Referral Marketing Campaign. This campaign was designed to help Gyms and Personal Trainers acquire more new clients and increase their monthly revenue. 

What is TwoWks

            TwoWks is social software that helps people accomplish all of their personal goals and aspirations. To start off, we help them figure out the best action plan for their unique situation. Next they are connected to a group of accountability partners who will periodically motivate and reenergize them. From there, three things will happen every two weeks:

Step 1: Update Log

Step 1: Update Goal Log

First, they will update their Goal Progression Log. This tool is intuitive enough to accelerate their progress and improve their overall mindset.  

Step 2: Send Joy

Step: 2: Send Joy

Next, they will view one of their group members’ Goal Progression Logs to write a positive comment or observation. This is called, “Sending Joy”.

Step 3: Receive Joy 

Step 3: Receive  Joy

Finally, someone else will look at their Goal Progression Log and say something motivational or reenergizing. We call this, “Receiving Joy”. 




Goal Progression Log Templates

       Templates were created to help members accomplish specific goals. While using the Goal Progression Log they will track [a] Tasks (things to do), [b] UnProductives (things to avoid), [c] Ratings (things they can rate themselves on from 1 to 10), [d] Weekly Questions and [e] Monthly Questions. Each Template provides suggestions for these fields based on the goal they're trying to achieve. Browse our selection, there are dozens to choose from.  

Some of our Templates include: 
   Hike Mount Everest (example on the right)
   Have More Fun / Be More Joyful (example below)
   Find Goal Worth Pursuing / Find Your Passion
   Create and Complete Your Bucket List
   Cultivate Group of Likeminded Friends
   Discover New Career Possibilities
   Eliminate Negative Influences
   Improve Your Physical Health
   Dominate Your Finances
   Learn and/or Perfect a Skill or Craft
   Get a Promotion or a Raise
   Collect Mementoes and Memories
   and many more… 





Automated Virtual-Coaching

       As if the Goal Progression Log, Templates and a group of accountability partners wasn't enough, we have a developed a 4 part training program. This Coaching is broken down into four weeks. As members are guided through each week, they will be able to personalize the direction of the program to suit their personal preferences. The video-based curriculum can be very laid-back or quite intense; it is completely up to the user. If they already know what their goals are, they'll have an airtight plan of action by the end of the 4th week. If they don’t have any specific ambitions, we’ll help them find a pursuit they can be excited and passionate about. 

During these online sessions they will learn how to:

Use the Goal Progression Log like an expert
Find and define goals you can be passionate about
Formulate a strategy for accomplishing your aspirations
Be motivated and reenergized by your accountability partners
Establish systems to help you overcome obstacles and setbacks
Get yourself into a routine that will make success a habit
Celebrate small wins to make the journey more enjoyable
Rest, de-stress and relax so that you don’t burn yourself out


This video is a mini preview of what will be taught during the 4 weeks of coaching.


The Group Account / Administrative Dashboard

       The Group Account is where all your members Send and Receive Joy. After members submit a weekly entry to their Goal Progression Log they will be randomly taken to someone else’s page so they can Send Joy.  In addition to updating Logs and exchanging Joy, your Group Account has various tools to help you engage with your members. 

The Group Account is also where you and your members can access our other features like: 

Virtual Awards Generator
Group Statistics and Graphs
Group Message Board/Forum/Blog
Motivation Message Board
File Uploader and Downloader
Events Calendar and Notifications  
Private Messaging Inbox and Outbox
Individual and Personalized Profiles
Link Presenter - URL and Description
Administrative Mass Messaging Blaster
Information, News and Activity Feed
Impact Stats Viewer (referrals tracker)

       As your members chase their dreams, they will have the opportunity to motivate others to chase theirs as well. Helping someone live up to their full potential is a huge achievement, so we created this module so they can see how big of an impact they’re making. Each member has a personal referral code. When your members refer people to chase and track their goals, the new member will become part of your Group Account.
Each member will have this module on their Dashboard 

       Here is an explanation of how it works: The first number is the number of people that you've personally referred to TwoWks. The second number, shows how many people your referrals referred to TwoWks. This third number shows how many times your referrals as well as your referrals-referrals submitted weekly entries to their Goal Progression Log. If you did not refer your acquaintances, then they would not have referred their acquaintances. This statistic helps you visualize how much of a positive impact you made.


Pursue Passions Challenge


       Referral marketing is a method of promoting products or services to new customers through referrals, usually word of mouth. The referral marketing campaign we are offering you is called the Pursue Passions Challenge. The Pursue Passions Challenge was created to motivate your members to passionately pursue their aspirations. It does not matter if the goal is mundane or fantastical – tangible or intangible – quantifiable or unmeasurable – big or small! When your organization creates a TwoWks Group Account you are not only equipping them with a powerful suite of goal management tools, you are also giving them the strength of a support system to hold them accountable. To begin this journey, your members will go through a 4 week coaching program that will teach them how to:

Use the Goal Progression Log like an expert

Find and define goals they can be passionate about

Formulate a strategy for accomplishing their aspirations

Be motivated and reenergized by their accountability partners

Establish systems to help themselves overcome obstacles and setbacks

Get themselves into a routine that will make success a habit

Celebrate small wins to make the journey more enjoyable

Rest, de-stress and relax so that they don’t burn themselves out



Everyone who participates in the Pursue Passions Challenge will be guided through a 4 week coaching program. The program is completely automated by TwoWks’s software. Once initiated, you or your staff does not have to do anything to progress your members through the 4 weeks – it is self-managing. Additionally, you have the option to personalize the coaching so that your members feel like they are being trained directly by your staff. This 4 week program is very good at:


1. Getting your members motivated and excited about going after their goals 

       For your members who already know what your goals are - they’ll formulate a personalized plan of action for accomplishing their goals. This won’t be some dry or methodical plan - it will be fun, progressive and something that will spark new excitement each week! For members who don’t have any specific ambitions - they’ll find a pursuit they can be passionate about. We have long lists of goal ideas we will share. We also have an extremely in-depth questionnaire that will help your members come up with goals they may be interested in going after.


2. Getting your members to get their friends and family involved in the challenge  

       Research done by psychology professor Dr. Gail Matthews concluded that those who merely formulate goals but don’t write them down only accomplish 43% of those goals. Those who write them down accomplish 64%, and those who write their goals down and share them with a friend accomplish 76% of their goals. The entire 4 week program is built around this premise. We’ll walk your members through methods and approaches for building a support system to make sure they don’t give up. They will reach out to family, friends, co-workers and acquaintances to ask them to become their accountability partner.  

Big Ticket Consultation Packages 


       The Goal Progression Log is an infinitely powerful productivity tool, yet it is not very difficult to understand. It is almost as simple to use as a checklist. Although, with the proper training the Goal Progression Log has the potential to permanently change a person’s life for the better. 

       Having your members use the Goal Progression Log makes it possible for your personal trainers to offer ‘big ticket items’ ($500 - $4,000). These services revolve around the trainer; [a] looking over past Goal Progression Log data to provide feedback, [b] holding the client accountable to progress toward milestones, [c] motivating the client to continue striving toward their goals with passion, peace & optimism, [d] providing field suggestions and [e] giving tips/advice on making their GPL experience more rewarding. Any competent staff member can take on the role as a Goal Progression Log coach. Here are four coaching services you will be able to offer your members: 

Coaching Actionplan 

       After an initial consultation (shouldn’t exceed 30 minutes), the coach will create a custom GPL Template for the customer’s unique situation. The customer will then use the Template for one month. After the month, there will be another 30 minute coaching session (over the phone or in person). The overall service will last for a month, but the coach will have only done about 1 hour of work. If you want, the coach can also ‘Send Joy’ – which only takes a couple minutes each time. The cost of this type of consultation is completely up to the coach (or organization leader). Prices can range from $100 - $1,000+.

Coaching Blueprint

       This is basically a longer version of an Actionplan. After the initial consultation, the customer will begin to use the custom GPL template for a 2 – 4 weeks then have another 30 minute coaching session. Based on what transpired during the session, the coach may make changes to the Template. This process will continue for six months. During the six month period, this cycle will repeat: [1] coaching session, [2] coach modifies the GPL Template, [3] customer uses GPL Template for a few weeks, [4] Repeat… If you want, the coach can also ‘Send Joy’. Prices can range from $500 - $4,000+.

Power Groups

       A Power Group is a group of TwoWks members who temporarily join a private group account for the purpose of accomplishing a specific objective (e.g. lose weight, raise funds, save money, learn a new language, rally support for a cause, get fit, eat more healthy, strive toward goals more diligently etc…). Power Groups typically will last for 2 – 10 weeks. In that time, members will be encouraged to exchange Joy and interact with each other more frequently than they normally would. Power Groups boost accountability and productivity tremendously. It may or may not cost money to join a Power Group – that is up to the group leader. Power Groups are a great way to recruit and introduce people to the Pursue Passions Challenge. Since the Power Group has a predetermined start date, it turns the registration process into an EVENT. Sometimes an event is easier to promote, talk about and share on social media. 

Focus Groups

       A Focus Group is a mixture of a Coaching Blueprint and a Power Group. For example, a personal trainer may offer 1-on-1 training as well as group training. A Coaching Blueprint is similar to 1-on-1 training and a Focus Group is the group training version. It is up to you to decide how much (if any) coaching sessions will be provided. Focus Groups should cost less (per person) than Coaching Blueprints. This will make it accessible to members who can’t afford the 1-on-1 options. Focus Groups may also be a good fit for people who desire group accountability as well as guidance from a coach. As members see their group mates striving toward goals, it will motivate them to stay strong toward their own. Great friendships will be formed throughout the duration of the collaboration which will add to the overall unity of your organization. There are many variations you can make to your Focus Group, so modify it to suit your organization's preferences. 


The Benefits 


       This referral marketing campaign has one main purpose - to have your members turn their social circles into their accountability partners. This means that those accountability partners will join your Group Account and go through the 4 weeks of coaching. Now that they are in your Group, they’ll get to know the other members through sending and receiving Joy and they’ll feel like they’ve built a relationship with your staff through the automated coaching program. We believe these factors will cause the new accountability partners to learn about your brand and make a decision to join. 

       The Pursue Passions Challenge also yields two other benefits. First, customers will stay members of your gym for longer. Fewer will stop working out and cancel their membership. Fewer will choose to leave your gym and start exercising somewhere else. Secondly, the Pursue Passions Challenge will cause your members to spend more money at your gym and with your personal trainers. The following diagram will explain the reasons that you will experience these benefits. 


Benefits Diagram Explanation: 

The three cylinders (in the center of the diagram) represent the three main benefits the Pursue Passions Challenge will bring to your gym. Our main purpose is to help your members refer people to your gym – that is why the center cylinder is larger than the other two. 

The eight shapes (at the top of the diagram) are reasons why the Pursue Passions Challenge will be successful at helping you get new customers to your gym. The six colorful shapes (at the bottom of the diagram) represent reasons why we’ll be successful at getting your customers to stay longer and spend more money at your gym. 

We want you to feel confident in our approach so we will help you track and analyze metrics to prove the effectiveness of the Pursue Passions Challenge referral marketing campaign.


Persistence Drivers 


       We do not want this campaign to be a temporary or minor boost in growth. We want you to remember the Pursue Passions Challenge as the single most effective marketing campaign you have ever run. In order for that to become a reality, your customers need to be fully engaged, excited and driven toward success.  The more passionately your customers pursue their dreams, the more diligent they will be in converting their ‘social circles’ into their ‘accountability support system’. The following diagram explains why your members will be driven to consistently and persistently pursue their passions. 


Persistence Diagram Explanation:


The ovals in the center of the diagram represent five drivers that cause people to persistently go after their goals. The colorful rectangles (at the top and bottom of the diagram) represent ways that TwoWks’s Pursue Passions Challenge will enhance each of the five drivers. Each colored rectangle has arrows pointing to its relevant drivers. The larger/bolder arrow points to the driver that is most relevant to that rectangle. 


Will Power/ Motivation – When a person puts effort into overcoming obstacles to achieve their goal 

Social Support – When a person feels that their community is encouraging them to go after their aspirations 

Desire – A feeling that is had when a person earnestly wants something specific to happen 

Belief in the Plan – When a person thinks that what they are doing will actually result in their desired outcome 

Belief in Yourself – When a person thinks that they are truly capable of producing a desired result 


Step by Step Guidance 


Imagine having a wave of new members sign up each month without you doing anything! Once initiated, this referral marketing campaign is meant to be AUTOMATIC. We have put together a robust collection of Resources that will guide you through the process of putting your success on autopilot.  


Resource 01 

The Getting Started Walkthrough 

This checklist will guide you, step by step, on what you need to do and when you need to do it. It will also offer optional suggestions that will make your marketing campaign even more effective.  It will even direct you on the best times to look at the rest of the Resources on this list. 


Resource 02

Group Account User Manual and Idea Guide

There are dozens of additional tools and features besides the Goal Progression Log. This Resource will teach you how to use all of them, as well as give you creative implementation ideas. This user manual will explain the following features: [a] Virtual Awards Generator, [b] Group Statistics and Graphs, Group Message Board/Forum/Blog, [c] Motivation Message Board, [d] File Uploader and Downloader, [e] Events Calendar and Notifications, [f] Private Messaging Inbox and Outbox, [g] Individual and Personalized Profiles, [h] Link Presenter - URL and Description, [i] Administrative Mass Messaging Blaster, [j] Information, News and Activity Feed, [k] Impact Stats Viewer (referrals tracker) and more.


Resource 03

Strategies for Promoting New Offerings 

When you begin your campaign you will be able to start selling Actionplans, Blueprints, Power Groups and Focus Groups. This tutorial provides strategies on getting the word out and getting your members excited to buy.


Resource 04

Marketing Material Designs and Templates 

You will receive professionally designed digital advertisements (interactive banner ads that you can display within your Group Account) and print advertisements (flyers, posters, lawn signs, standing signs, sign-up sheets, car decals, cups, pens etc…). These advertisements can be used to market your new offerings (Actionplans, Blueprints, Power Groups and Focus Groups) as well as your Pursue Passions Challenge. We also provide design templates and tutorials on how to customize your advertising materials. 


Resource 05

Is This Making a Difference 

This guide will help you track, measure and analyze data that is relevant your campaign. These metrics will prove how effective the Pursue Passions Challenge has been for your organization. 


Resource 06

Referral Marketing 101

This is a crash course on traditional referral marketing and its benefits. It will compare our method to others and show why the Pursue Passions Challenge is more effective.


Resource 07 

Impactful Community Cultivation 

Would you like more camaraderie, rapport, unity, friendship, care, trust and love among your members? This guide will teach you practical procedures you can use to cultivate the kind of community you would like to have.


Resource 08

Staff Competitions 

This guide will give you fun competition ideas that you can use to get your staff to better engage with your current customers and refer more new ones to the Pursue Passions Challenge.


Resource 09 

Member Contests 

This guide will walk you through a list of contests and competitions that will motivate your members to refer more people to the Pursue Passions Challenge and engage with other group members more.


Resource 10

Goal Progression Log Directory 

This guide will teach you how to get more customers by listing your gym and your personal trainers on our directory of locations and trainers who provide GPL Coaching (Actionplans, Blueprints, Power Groups and Focus Groups).


Free Bonus 

10 Step Guide for Getting Found on Google Maps 

When people are searching, they are searching on Google. In this bonus you will be shown 10 useful strategies for getting your business listed on Google Maps and optimizing your Google Maps page. 


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