TwoWks Interactive Video Bootcamp Introduction 


TwoWks is social software that causes you to take actionable steps toward your goals and connects you to a group of likeminded accountability partners who'll motivate and reenergize you every two weeks. This Bootcamp will teach you everything you need to know about goal setting and using the TwoWks platform. 



Bootcamp Itinerary


Week One: Using Our Goal Management Tools

Section 1: Introduction to TwoWks

Section 2: Creating your TwoWks account

Section 3: Creating your first Goal Log

Section 4: Using your first GPL Template

Section 5: Updating your Goal Progression Log

Section 6: Sending Joy & Send Joy Suggestions

Section 7: Receiving Joy & Receive Joy Suggestions

Section 8: Tools and features in your Group Account 

Section 9: Go After It!


Week Two: Finding Your Goal and Your Strategy 

Lesson 1 - Section 1: Ways to find a goal worth pursuing

Lesson 1 - Section 2: Abstract Goals and Tangible Goals 

Lesson 1 - Section 3: Private Goals 

Lesson 1 - Section 4: Later List (Saving goals for later)

Lesson 2 - Section 1: Formulating a Strategy for your goal

Lesson 2 - Section 2: Adding Fields to your Goal Log

Lesson 2 - Section 3: Keep it Simple 

Lesson 3 - Section 1: Systems Introduction 

Lesson 3 - Section 2: Your Systems 


This bootcamp will teach you how to:


What kind of goals will you be tracking: 

       TwoWks’s tools make it easy to track and take actionable steps toward a single goal (or multiple goals simultaneously). Below is a list of goal categories. Each category has Templates for specific goals related to that category. You will learn more about Templates during the Interactive Training Course.


Goal Category 1 - Quality Relationships

For example:

Acquire 5 new friends who share my interests.

Improve quality of relationships with my -blank- (friends, siblings, parents, children etc…).

Find a significant other.

Be more friendly and sociable.


Goal Category 2 - Improve Mindset

For example:

Substantially increase the amount of Joy and excitement I experience.

Experience less anger, frustration and/or annoyance.

Be more optimistic and hopeful about situations in life.


Goal Category 3 - Ideal Career

For example:

Have an occupation that I like and am actually passionate about.

Get a raise or get hired somewhere that pays more.

Get hired at a company in my preferred geographic location.

Become a full-time, part-time or seasonal entrepreneur/business-owner.


Goal Category 4 - Health and Wellness

For example:

Gain weight, lose weight, tone up, get ripped, eat healthier, sleep more, stretch more, drink more water, eat less process foods, less sugar, more endurance, regular cardio workouts, become stronger etc…


Goal Category 5 - Big Spend

For example:

Save up $1,000 for a big purchase, trip or experience.

Build up a $2,000 rainy day fund.

Set aside $3,000 to invest in an entrepreneur or stocks.


Goal Category 6 - Make an Impact

For example:

Volunteer your time, money or advocacy to charitable and humanitarian organizations.

Become a mentor, motivator or coach. Motivate others to pursue their dreams.

Preform random acts of kindness.

Be the change you want to see in the world.


Goal Category 7 - Personal Aspirations

These are goals that don’t fit into the categories above. If you don’t have any specific goals, we’ll help you find a pursuit you can be passionate about. It does not matter if the goal is specific or ambiguous - mundane or fantastical – tangible or intangible – quantifiable or unmeasurable – big or small – TwoWKs makes it easy to take actionable steps toward multiple goals at once.