Corporate Sales Coordinator


Job Description

       TwoWks is a social goal management platform for the general public. We also sell bulk packages to Gyms and Personal Trainers. As a Corporate Sales Coordinator, you will be responsible for managing new customers as they are taken through our Sales Pipeline. You can view the sales page here: The company launched on August 25th. It is now time to build a team of exceptional people to turn this brand into a household name. This document has been prepared to introduce you to the company and offer you an opportunity of a lifetime. Since we are just starting out, I will not be able to offer you an upfront salary. For the first few months, the Sales Associate position will look like this: 

Commission Only - Sales Associates earn commission on the sales they make. There will be no hourly or salary pay at this point. 

Five hours per week - Sales Associates are asked to track five hours of TwoWks related work per week. The five hours can be worked whenever convenient (days, nights, weekends etc…).

Collaborative - I welcome any and all feedback, suggestions or criticism. 

Malleable - Your skills and ideas can shape the position you have in the company. As the company grows, you can follow your own path to suit your personality (within reason). 

       We are only asking for five hours of your time per week. If after some time you are not making money and/or you realize that this isn’t for you, that’s fine. I will not hold anything against you. However, I do ask that you at least give this opportunity some consideration and prayer. If you need an extra kick, check out these movies: 

The Social Network (2010)

Jobs (2013)

Pirates of Silicon Valley (1999)


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