Interactive Resume 

Samuel Shammah

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Cell Phone: 480-382-5023




Copywriting (Delivered 50,000+ words)

Brainstorming Blog/Article Topics

Content Creation 

Strategic Planning 

Researching (expert Google’r)


Writing Samples:

3 Steps for Major Life Change

The Challenge 

Three tips for an amazing event

YouTube Links for Video Scripts




2009 - Dasash

In 2009 I started a marketing consultation/web development company called Dasash Marketing Group

Note: Every example (website, video, animation, artwork etc...) on this resume was designed, created and QA'ed (or proofread) by me. 

Dasash Portfolio

Set up loyalty rewards programs

Did graphic design work

Interactive presentations (with time-delays to ensure readership)


2011 - RosterRecharge

In 2011 I started a sports software company called RosterRecharge

I was fortunate enough to present my company in front of some great audiences 

Here is a video of one of the last events I did for RosterRecharge

This is a 10,425 word business plan that I converted into a fully narrated and interactive presentation (70+ minutes of narration). You can view additional animations and diagrams by clicking here

I also created interactive presentations for many professional and ex-professional athletes 


I've written over 100 pages of content for RosterRecharge. The bulk of it can be viewed in two training courses. 

Coach Training Course:

Athlete Training Course:  


2014 - TwoWks

On August 25th, 2014 I started a goal management platform/accountability social network called TwoWks

Introduction Video

Challenge Video

Curriculum Preview

How It Works Demonstration

On the set with a drone


I scripted, proofread, resourced and directed the 30+ minutes of video above. 

I also made all parts of the company's B2B strategy: 


MobiSquad Relevant Info


Vector Marketing - Independent Sales Representative

August 2005 – June 2008 

Regionally Recognized Sales Representative, Cutco National Newsletter 2006: Within one month of working with Vector Marketing, I was regionally recognized for outstanding sales. I also was the only Sales Representative in my city to be invited to the Austin Regional Conference. They paid for my travel and hotel expenses. 


Zoyo Neighborhood Yogurt - Store Manager

February 2011 - January 2012

Point of Sales System Experience: There were many times that our Squirrel Systems POS broke down and I had to be on the phone with their customer service line for hours on end - troubleshooting, restarting, reformatting etc... 


FiveStars - Appointment Scheduler 

June 2012 - November 2012

Getting in the door with Business Owners: FiveStars is a customer loyalty platform that integrates with businesses POS system. My job was to cold call local businesses in Orange County, California to schedule appointments for a regional sales representative. I stopped working there because the temporary contract expired.  

       SeedSpot is a incubator that helps entrepreneurs grow their business. I was in a full-time cohort for RosterRecharge that required me to quit my full time job. During the process I had to do a lot of driving while making no money. This cause my insurance to become past-due and I received a traffic citation. Currently my drivers licence is on hold and I cannot renew my insurance until I pay $1,439.66. I would like to offer my professional services to MobiSquad for $1,500, these services will include: 

Directing a MobiSquad Introduction Video

This video can be 1 - 5 minutes and explain the advantages of utilizing MobiSquads offerings. I am a proficient copywriter who's delivered over 50,000 words. I also brainstormed, scripted, produced and QA'ed every video (and media content) that is displayed on this webpage. I will write a stunning video script and treatment that will inspire confidence in all who view it. The video can have live shooting elements (using high quality studio equipment and drones) as well as typography elements. 

Producing Full Demonstration Content 

This can include hours of video, articles, manuals, tutorials, white papers and interactive presentations (see examples above). 

Lead Magnets and Valuable Content 

A lead magnet is basically something that you're using as an ethical bribe on your lead generation page to incentivize potential buyers to want to give you their name, email, phone number, address or whatever info it is that you're asking for. I can write informational or inciteful content pieces that you can offer potential clients. 

Nurture Campaign Automation 

The goal of a lead nurturing campaign is to assist the lead down the inbound marketing sales funnel and keep them involved and engaged in your company. Typically a lead nurturing campaign will be 3-5 emails sent over 60 days and will reference the original piece of content that caused the conversion and then have call-to-action for them to convert on the next piece of content or offer. I will set up an email system that will automatically send the right emails at the perfect time.