Want Proof?

The Claim:

If your clients start to write their goals down and find accountability partners then you will experience an increase in new memberships, personal training sales and customer retention. 

The Proof:

Test our hypothesis by using our Accountability Tracker on a few of your clients. This [simplified] tool will help your members create a strategy for their goals and invite friends. 

       Research done by psychology professor Dr. Gail Matthews concluded that those who merely formulate goals but don’t write them down only accomplish 43% of those goals. Those who write them down accomplish 64%, and those who write their goals down and share them with a friend accomplish 76% of their goals. Unfortunately, most people don’t write their goals down or utilize their social circles to help them reach their aspirations.

       When it comes to accomplishing a goal, writing things down and social support is extremely beneficial. When your clients use our Accountability Tracker to turn their friends and family into Accountability Partners:

1. You are giving your clients the best chance to reach their goals
2. You are introducing the Accountability Partner to your Gym and Personal Trainers
3. You are collecting a name, phone number and email address that can be used to follow up 

       When you start to use the Accountability Tracker, you will get a taste of how beneficial our system can be. These results will pales in comparison to the gains you'll see if you decide to initiate the full Referral Marketing Campaign.


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