Realtor Boot Camp

       RealtorBootCamp.com is a 30 day business accelerator for real estate professionals. Everything happens online so you don't need to travel. During this month long program you will collaborate with realtors in your area, learn innovative techniques, automate your marketing and take actionable steps toward your desired income. Here are the bootcamp’s four main focuses:

Category 1: Productivity

Through this bootcamp, you will learn how to use TwoWks’s software to manage your goals and track your progress. For 30 days, these tools will help you do more of the things that increase your revenue. This bootcamp will also help you develop a system and lay a foundation for consistent improvement.

Category 2: Accountability

In addition to coaching and training, you will be asked to formulate some goals that you can make progress toward within the month. You’ll be in an online group with other local realtors and they will hold you accountable to those goals through fun activities.

Category 3: Referrals

TwoWks has developed an innovative method for staying in touch with your past clients and getting them to refer their friends who may be interested in buying or selling properties. This automated process might allow you to do 3 – 4 more transactions per year. 

Category 4: Video Resources

You will have access to our vast library of videos that will educate and motivate you to become a more successful realtor. Our videos are broken into the following categories:

  • Walkthrough Videos

               These step by step videos will teach you how to create free business accounts on services like Google Maps, Zillow, Facebook, Insightly, Google Analytics, MailChimp and more…

  • Motivation Videos

              These videos were made to inspire you to take action, relinquish doubt and live your passion as a realtor. We don’t just give you a pep talk; each video will lay out practical steps that you can implement into your routine.

  • Referral Videos

              Here we will show you strategies on how to generate more business through word of mouth. Most of these tips won’t cost you a dime to implement.

  • Marketing Videos

              When you do want to spend some dimes, you will be happy you watched these videos. Here we’ll review and explain products and services that help advertise your real estate business. 


       This bootcamp is in partnership with Brandie Freese, co-founder of J&F Associates (Brokerage) since 1997. J&F is located in the greater Phoenix area (Tempe, Arizona).

About J&F Associates:

       We are a real estate agency that services buyers, sellers and those seeking exceptional property management. No matter your situation, you will be stunned by the proficiency and kindness of our staff. Our goal is to make your experience one to remember. If you’ve heard of realtorbootcamp.com, then you’ll know that real estate agents from across Arizona participate in our bootcamps to learn what separates us from the pack. Learn more at www.jandfassociates.com




Walkthrough Videos

Setting up free Zillow Account
Setting up free Realtor Account
Setting up a Facebook page
Setting up an Instagram page 
Setting up a Twitter page 
Setting up a Google+ page 
Setting up a YouTube page 
Setting up a MailChimp account
Getting found on Yelp
Getting found on Google Maps 

Motivation Videos

You are in control 
5 Tips for staying Positive 
Write Your Goals Down
Don’t be afraid to be you
The power of authentically Branding yourself 

Referral Videos

Why Enthusiasm Matters 
TwoWks Referral Marketing 
Importance of Reviews 
The Benefit of Social Media and tips for producing content
10 Simple Ways to Ask for Referrals 
Customer Relationship Management Software 

Marketing Videos

Advertising and Production 
Postcards and Location Farming 
Zillow Agent Advertising 
Tulia Agent Advertising 
Realtor.com Agent Advertising
Automated Text Messaging 
MailChimp Automation 
Website Builders 
Vistaprint Business Card Builder 


Powered by TwoWks


What is TwoWks?

       TwoWks is social software that causes you to take actionable steps toward your goals and connects you to a group of accountability partners who'll reenergize you every two weeks. We believe that accountability is usually the missing link between motivation and consistency. 


Sign Up Today!

       One of our coaches will call you to schedule your first coaching session where you will learn:

- How to use TwoWks program, peer-network, tools and resources (step by step instructions)

- How to collaborate with your new accountability partners (other real estate agents) 

- How to work smarter to systematically increase your productivity, customer referrals and income 



What you get:

12 Month access to TwoWks innovative and easy to use software
A dedicated accountability coach to get you in a rhythm
A group of realtors who will become your accountability partners
3 Months' worth of step by step tutorials, info-guides and video-walkthroughs
Personally ask questions & learn from the greatest minds in the industry
The ability to personally collaborate with other realtors locally and nationally
30 videos in the categories; Walkthroughs, Motivation, Referrals and Marketing