Step By Step Guidance

Imagine having a wave of new members sign up each month without you doing anything! Once initiated, this referral marketing campaign is meant to be AUTOMATIC. We have put together a robust collection of Resources that will guide you through the process of putting your success on autopilot.  


Resource 01 

The Getting Started Walkthrough 

This checklist will guide you, step by step, on what you need to do and when you need to do it. It will also offer optional suggestions that will make your marketing campaign even more effective.  It will even direct you on the best times to look at the rest of the Resources on this list. 


Resource 02

Group Account User Manual and Idea Guide

There are dozens of additional tools and features besides the Goal Progression Log. This Resource will teach you how to use all of them, as well as give you creative implementation ideas. This user manual will explain the following features: [a] Virtual Awards Generator, [b] Group Statistics and Graphs, Group Message Board/Forum/Blog, [c] Motivation Message Board, [d] File Uploader and Downloader, [e] Events Calendar and Notifications, [f] Private Messaging Inbox and Outbox, [g] Individual and Personalized Profiles, [h] Link Presenter - URL and Description, [i] Administrative Mass Messaging Blaster, [j] Information, News and Activity Feed, [k] Impact Stats Viewer (referrals tracker) and more.


Resource 03

Strategies for Promoting New Offerings 

When you begin your campaign you will be able to start selling Actionplans, Blueprints, Power Groups and Focus Groups. This tutorial provides strategies on getting the word out and getting your members excited to buy.


Resource 04

Marketing Material Designs and Templates 

You will receive professionally designed digital advertisements (interactive banner ads that you can display within your Group Account) and print advertisements (flyers, posters, lawn signs, standing signs, sign-up sheets, car decals, cups, pens etc…). These advertisements can be used to market your new offerings (Actionplans, Blueprints, Power Groups and Focus Groups) as well as your Pursue Passions Challenge. We also provide design templates and tutorials on how to customize your advertising materials. 


Resource 05

Is This Making a Difference 

This guide will help you track, measure and analyze data that is relevant your campaign. These metrics will prove how effective the Pursue Passions Challenge has been for your organization. 


Resource 06

Referral Marketing 101

This is a crash course on traditional referral marketing and its benefits. It will compare our method to others and show why the Pursue Passions Challenge is more effective.


Resource 07 

Impactful Community Cultivation 

Would you like more camaraderie, rapport, unity, friendship, care, trust and love among your members? This guide will teach you practical procedures you can use to cultivate the kind of community you would like to have.


Resource 08

Staff Competitions 

This guide will give you fun competition ideas that you can use to get your staff to better engage with your current customers and refer more new ones to the Pursue Passions Challenge.


Resource 09 

Member Contests 

This guide will walk you through a list of contests and competitions that will motivate your members to refer more people to the Pursue Passions Challenge and engage with other group members more.


Resource 10

Goal Progression Log Directory 

This guide will teach you how to get more customers by listing your gym and your personal trainers on our directory of locations and trainers who provide GPL Coaching (Actionplans, Blueprints, Power Groups and Focus Groups).


Free Bonus 

10 Step Guide for Getting Found on Google Maps 

When people are searching, they are searching on Google. In this bonus you will be shown 10 useful strategies for getting your business listed on Google Maps and optimizing your Google Maps page.