How TwoWks Works


            TwoWks is social software that helps you accomplish all of your personal goals and aspirations. To start off, we help you figure out the best action plan for your unique situation. If you don't have a referral code, we'll connect you to a group of accountability partners (based on your age, location and interests) who will periodically motivate and reenergize you. From there, three things will happen every two weeks:

Step 1: Update Log

Step 1: Update Goal Log

First, you will update your Goal Progression Log. This tool is intuitive enough to accelerate your progress and improve your overall mindset.  

Step 2: Send Joy

Step: 2: Send Joy

Next, you will view one of your group members’ Goal Progression Logs to write a positive comment or observation. This is called, “Sending Joy”.

Step 3: Receive Joy 

Step 3: Receive  Joy

Finally, someone else will look at your Goal Progression Log and say something motivational or reenergizing. We call this, “Receiving Joy”. 


       Research done by psychologist Dr. Gail Matthews concluded that those who merely formulate goals but don’t write them down only accomplish 43% of those goals. Those who write them down accomplish 64%, and those who write their goals down and share them with a friend accomplish 76% of their goals. Unfortunately, most people don’t write their goals down or utilize their social circles to help them reach their aspirations.

Goal Progression Log Templates

Templates were created to help you accomplish specific goals. For each goal, the Template will provide a list of suggested; [a] Tasks (things to do), [b] UnProductives (things to avoid), [c] Ratings (things you can rate yourself on from 1 to 10), [d] Weekly Questions and [e] Monthly Questions. You can use all of the Template’s suggestions or just a few of them. Browse our selection - there are dozens to choose from.   

Click here to view a list of Goal Progression Log Templates


Two Week Interactive Video Bootcamp 

As if the Goal Progression Log, Templates and a group of accountability partners wasn’t enough, you’ll also have access to a team of result-coaches for personalized consultation. As an introduction, our we'd like to guide you through our two week Video Bootcamp. If you already know what your goals are, you’ll have an airtight plan of action by the end of the 2nd week. If you don’t have any specific ambitions, we’ll help you find a pursuit you can be passionate about. 

Click here to learn more about our Online Video Bootcamp


Unity and Camaraderie 

       Your members would all be in their own Rise Nation branded Group account, which means they will all be Sending and Receiving Joy from one another. This periodic engagement will strengthen relationships and help members get acquainted. When someone knows a good portion of the members in their group, they feel more connected and valuable to the organization. It is less likely that a person will leave an organization if they feel that their presence will be missed.

Boost Social Opt-In

       When a new member joins TwoWks they will be taken through a two week Interactive Video Training. You can view Week 1’s tutorial by going to and you can see Week 2’s at These tutorials will walk them through setting up their account, figuring out their goals and referring their friends. Through it, there are areas for you to add a “Follow Rise Nation on Twitter” and “Like us on Facebook” opt-ins. Branding your members TwoWks experience would be a great way to build up Rise Nation's social presence.

Wow the Parents

       Wow the parents and get them more involved! Parents and family of the athletes can become their Accountability Partners. Your members will start to be more positive mood as [a] learn to manage their emotions and productivity, [b] update their progress on their Goal Progression Logs, [c] send Joy and [d] receive Joy/Positivity from their peers. TwoWks helps illuminate your members direction, accomplishment, success, satisfaction and vision for their future.

Referral Marketing

       Not only is Rise Nation successful at its core mission, but now you’re giving your members (and their parents) additional tools (e.g. The Goal Progression Log) and support (e.g. The Group Account’s accountability) to make their dreams a reality! This provides another reason for members to refer their friends and family. Throughout the two week Video Training, members are encouraged to ask their social circles to become their accountability partners. This is a unique kind of invitation because instead of saying, “Hey look at this awesome product/thing I’m doing” they are saying, “Hey these are my goals. I value your opinion, so please help me succeed by being my accountability partner”. TwoWks was built with referrals in mind. Check out a full breakdown of how we grow gyms through referral marketing

Year Round Support

       This is a great way to stay engaged with "seasonal/off-seasonal" athletes. 

100% Self Managing

       All you need to do is have your members enter their email on our Bootcamp page. They will immediately receive an email taking them through Week 1 - Tutorial 1. After seven days, they will receive an email taking them through Week 2 - Tutorial 2. From there, your members will know how to Update their Goal Progression Log, Send Joy, Receive Joy and Refer other people all on their own. You will never have to say another word about TwoWks if you don't want to. 

Optional Facilitator Functionality and Integration