TwoWks Bootcamp: Week #1 - Tutorial #1

Introduction Video


            TwoWks is social software that helps you accomplish all of your personal goals and aspirations. To start off, we help you figure out the best action plan for your unique situation. If you don't have a referral code, we'll connect you to a group of accountability partners (based on your age, location and interests) who will periodically motivate and reenergize you. From there, three things will happen every two weeks:

Step 1: Update Log

Step 1: Update Goal Log

First, you will update your Goal Progression Log. This tool is intuitive enough to accelerate your progress and improve your overall mindset.  

Step 2: Send Joy

Step: 2: Send Joy

Next, you will view one of your group members’ Goal Progression Logs to write a positive comment or observation. This is called, “Sending Joy”.

Step 3: Receive Joy 

Step 3: Receive  Joy

Finally, someone else will look at your Goal Progression Log and say something motivational or reenergizing. We call this, “Receiving Joy”. 


       Research done by psychologist Dr. Gail Matthews concluded that those who merely formulate goals but don’t write them down only accomplish 43% of those goals. Those who write them down accomplish 64%, and those who write their goals down and share them with a friend accomplish 76% of their goals. Unfortunately, most people don’t write their goals down or utilize their social circles to help them reach their aspirations.

Creating Your Account

Note: You will gain the most benefit from this Bootcamp if you have a TwoWks account. Although, it is not required.

Click here to view a paper version of TwoWks.

To create an account:

1. Go to the login page (if you don't have a link to the login page Contact Us

2. Click ‘Create New Account’

3. In order to create an account, you will need a Referral Code or a Group Code. If you do not have one, click here

4. Choose the Referral Code option if you were given a Referral Code. Choose the Group Code option if you have a Group Code. Click the "Verify" button to confirm you entered the correct code. 

5. Fill out the information and click ‘Create New Account’ 

6. It will ask you for your payment information 

There are two ways to pay for TwoWks

Option 1

You can pay $7 per month, billed monthly. 

Option 2

You can pay $60 for a full year, which equals $5 per month. Not only does this save you $24, but paying for a year in advance will motivate you to continue pursuing your goal for the full year!

Once your payment is processed, click 'Dashboard'


Part 1

Creating your first Goal Progression Log

The example used here is "Hike Mount Everest". That is probably not one of your goals so watch the next video to learn how to customize the Goal Progression Log to suit your situation. 

The Goal Progression Log makes it easy to take steps toward MULTIPLE goals/goal categories at once. Next week (Tutorial #2), we will go into "Finding and defining goals worth pursuing". For this week, let's focus on getting you comfortable with using TwoWks.


Follow these instructions when creating your first Goal Progression Log:

Make the goal title “Complete Bootcamp” and fill out the rest of the information similar to this image. Set the start date for today and the end date for four weeks from now. Once you click 'Save' it will ask you for the Log's fields. Instructions for fields will be explained next.


Part 2

Using Goal Progression Log Templates 

On the previous page, we explained Goal Categories. Each category has Templates that will help you accomplish associated goals. 

Click here to view a list of Goal Progression Log Templates

Templates were created to help you accomplish specific goals. For each goal, the Template will provide a list of suggested; [a] Tasks (things to do), [b] UnProductives (things to avoid), [c] Ratings (things you can rate yourself on from 1 to 10), [d] Weekly Questions and [e] Monthly Questions. You can use all of the Template’s suggestions or just a few of them. Browse our selection - there are dozens to choose from.   


Your first Template

You are going to learn a lot of awesome information during the next couple weeks. Commit yourself to tracking all of the fields in the template below. This will help you maximize the benefit you receive from this bootcamp.  

This is what your page should look like when you're finished. 



Part 3

Just for your first week, try to update your GPL at least once per day. After that, you can set your Submission Intervals to whatever suits you best. 


Part 4

There are three ways to Send Joy

Method 1: From the Dashboard page, click 'Send Joy'

Method 2: Click ‘Roster’  then click ‘Goals’ next to the person you want to view. 
Method 3: You will automatically be taken to a group member’s Goal Log when you submit your own.


Send Joy Suggestions

Compliment the recipient on what they are doing or the progress they made toward their goal.
Write a short update on your personal progress in relation to your goals.
Based on your personal experience, give the recipient some tips, strategies or advice.
Share a motivational or inspirational story that may be relevant to the goal they are pursuing. 
Talk about something positive that happened to you as a result of you pursuing your own goals.
According to the recipients Goal Log, do you see any improvement? Explain why or why not.
Talk about how your month is going in general.


Part 5

We are very confident that you will make steady progress toward your goals if you simply continue this process of Updating your Goal Log, Sending Joy and Receiving Joy.

When you Update your Goal Log, you are;

1.       Reminding yourself of the actionable steps you need to take to reach your goals

2.       Making sure that you are actually taking those steps and

3.       Measuring the progress toward your goals

When you Send Joy, you are;

1.       Socializing with them in a productive and uplifting manner.

2.       Strengthening friendships through mutual responsibility and genuine care. And

3.       Letting your group members know they are not alone in their endeavors. It is a reminder that their progress is being seen and appreciated by others. Sending Joy boosts group members accountability and motivation.

When you Receive Joy, you should;

1.       Be appreciative of the fact that you have a group of people willing to support you as you pursue your dreams.

2.       Be perceptive of the positive intentions your group members have for you. And

3.       Use their encouragement as fuel to take you to your next milestone! 


Part 6


Make sure you give your Referral Code to the people you invite.



       You have completed the training for Week 1. Just 14 more days until you are a certified TwoWks'er! A link to Tutorial #2 will be emailed to you in seven days. If you can't wait, here is a preview

       Make sure to set your phone alarms/reminders and try to update your Goal Progression Log everyday (for this first week). Figure out a routine that works for your schedule and GO AFTER IT!

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