TwoWks Bootcamp: Week #2 - Tutorial #2


Get Ready to Write: The success of this Tutorial is dependent on your participation. Please get out a blank piece of paper or open a word processor on your computer (Notepad, Microsoft Word, Google Docs or Pages for Mac). 


Lesson 1 - Section 1


Ways to find a goal worth pursuing

       Finding a goal you can be passionate about is huge! Not everyone can just come up with one on the fly; sometimes it takes time and effort. Click the links below for helpful resources:

Browse our Templates 

Take the Goal Discovery Survey 

View the ‘Goal Worth Pursuing’ Template 

Take the Goal Categories Survey 



Lesson 1 - Section 2


       Write down all the goals and aspirations you’d like to accomplish - no matter if you plan to strive towards them now or in several years from now. Categorize them as Abstract or Tangible. 

Tangible Goals

Example: “increase monthly earnings by $1,000” or “complete a half-marathon”  

Abstract Goals

Example: “be more joyful” or “improve physical health”



Lesson 1 - Section 3


Private Goals

You may not feel comfortable sharing specific goals with others. That is not a problem. We have strategies you can use to encrypt or hide your goals while still benefitting from the accountability and motivation that comes from group collaboration. Click the Private Goals link (at the bottom of this page) to learn more.



Lesson 1 - Section 4


Throughout this lesson you may come up with many goals you will want to pursue. To start off, we don’t want you to overwhelm yourself, so we suggest that you put some of your goals on a “Later List”. The Later List, is a list of goals, that you plan on pursuing after you accomplish your current list of goals. It is totally fine to go after 3 or 4 goals at once, but if you have 10 goals… you may want to consider putting a few on your Later List. 


Lesson 2 - Section 1


Go through this process with one of your goals.


Lesson 2 - Section 2


Once you click Save, you will be asked to enter in the Fields you want to track. 


Use some of the fields from our Templates 


Come up with your own Fields for your Log


Lesson 2 - Section 3


We don’t want you to overload yourself by tracking too many fields at once, so we recommend that you have a “Fields for Now” list and a “Fields for Later” list. In Lesson 3, we will talk about how you can switch fields out on a periodic basis. For your first month, try 4 Tasks, 3 UnProductives, 4 Ratings, 3 Weekly Questions and 3 Monthly Questions. During your second month you can add or subtract fields to your liking. 

We want to see you smile, so try to include a few fields from the “Be more joyful” Template 


Lesson 2 - Section 4


Private Fields

Just like you can encrypt or make goals private, you will be able to encrypt specific fields in case some of them are too personal to share. Click the Private Goals link (at the bottom of this page) to learn more. 


Tell a Friend 


Collaboration for Elevation

       Research done by psychology professor Dr. Gail Matthews concluded that those who write their goals down and share them with a friend have the best chance at success. Reach out to friends, family, co-workers or acquaintances so they can become part of your accountability group. Tell them about the goals you are pursuing and then ask them to go through this Bootcamp so they can start Updating their Goal Progression Log, Sending Joy and Receiving Joy. Even if they don’t immediately join, your accountability will be increased by the fact that they may decide to join sometime in the future. 


Lesson 3 - Section 1



Lesson 3 - Section 2


Quarterly System

Each quarter you can take some time to:

- Evaluate your progress
- Remind yourself what your motives are
- Reenergize yourself
- Restrategize
- Reconnect with your super-supporters
- Switch out your fields
- Be a part of the TwoWks quarterly online party


Accountability System

   Allow yourself to be held accountable:

       Even if you don’t personally know the sender, it is important that you try to;
- Be appreciative of the fact that you have a group of people willing to support you as you pursue your dreams
- Be perceptive of the positive intentions your group members have for you
- Use their encouragement as fuel to take you to your next milestone! 


Support System

Invite them to join

       If you have any relatives or close friends you should tell them about what goals you are pursuing and give them updates every quarter. Even if they are not using TwoWks, your accountability will be boosted by keeping those who know you best in the loop. Invite them to watch the videos on our Home Page so they understand what you are doing. 


Assist System

Make an Impact in someone's life

       When you refer someone to TwoWks you are Assisting them in reaching their dreams. The Impact Statistics module on your Dashboard will show you how far your Assists went. As you see how big of an Impact you are making, you’ll be motivated to continue pursuing your own aspirations. We recommend inviting as many people as you can and checking up on their progress from time to time. 


Opportunities System

You overcome because you're an overcomer!

       Discouragement, disappointment, apathy, self-shame, boredom, temptation, stagnation, missed expectation...The list of reasons why people stop chasing their goals is endless. You have to realize that all those things are unavoidable obstacles that you must overcome. Think of them as opportunities for personal growth. No matter what challenge comes your way just keep pushing. You can’t fail if you never give up. 


Social System

Who says you can’t have a holiday every week!?

       Our social pages are here to deliver content that will inspire, challenge and motivate you to live your life with passion and purpose. If you enjoy what we post, don’t hesitate to share it with your friends. 


You are now ready to

Go After It!

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