Virtual Coaching

       The Goal Progression Log and Templates helps people go after any type of aspiration, not just wellness goals. This gives your members’ support system the opportunity to use TwoWks resources to strive toward their own desires. Your members’ supporters may decide to refer their own social-circles to the Group Account… those people may refer their friends… their friends may refer more friends and so on… Your Group Account may go viral and attract a lot of new people from across the country. Normally it would be impossible to generate revenue from people who aren’t local. Although, since they will be using the Goal Progression Log, your personal trainers will be able to sell them Virtual Coaching services. 

        Personal trainers usually do face to face coaching. Virtual Coaching is when a trainer motivates or coaches a client over the phone. The Goal Progression Log is an infinitely powerful productivity tool, yet it is not very difficult to understand. It is almost as simple to use as a checklist. With the proper training the Goal Progression Log has the potential to permanently change a person’s life for the better. Having people use the Goal Progression Log makes it possible for your personal trainers to offer Virtual Coaching services which could range from $500 - $1,000. These services revolve around the trainer; [a] looking over past Goal Progression Log data to provide feedback, [b] holding the client accountable to progress toward milestones, [c] motivating the client to continue striving toward their goals with passion, peace & optimism, [d] providing field suggestions and [e] giving tips/advice on making their GPL experience more rewarding. Any competent staff member can take on the role as a Goal Progression Log coach.

Here are four coaching services you will be able to offer your members:

Coaching Actionplan

       After an initial consultation (shouldn’t exceed 30 minutes), the coach will create a custom GPL Template for the customer’s unique situation. The customer will then use the Template for one month. After the month, there will be another 30 minute coaching session (over the phone or in person). The overall service will last for a month, but the coach will have only done about 1 hour of work. If you want, the coach can also ‘Send Joy’ – which only takes a couple minutes each time. The cost of this type of consultation is completely up to the coach (or organization leader). Prices can range from $100 - $1,000+.

Coaching Blueprint

       This is basically a longer version of an Actionplan. After the initial consultation, the customer will begin to use the custom GPL template for a 2 – 4 weeks then have another 30 minute coaching session. Based on what transpired during the session, the coach may make changes to the Template. This process will continue for six months. During the six month period, this cycle will repeat: [1] coaching session, [2] coach modifies the GPL Template, [3] customer uses GPL Template for a few weeks, [4] Repeat… If you want, the coach can also ‘Send Joy’. Prices can range from $500 - $4,000+.

Power Groups 

       A Power Group is a group of TwoWks members who temporarily join a private group account for the purpose of accomplishing a specific objective (e.g. lose weight, raise funds, save money, learn a new language, rally support for a cause, get fit, eat more healthy, strive toward goals more diligently etc…). Power Groups typically will last for 2 – 10 weeks. In that time, members will be encouraged to exchange Joy and interact with each other more frequently than they normally would. Power Groups boost accountability and productivity tremendously. It may or may not cost money to join a Power Group – that is up to the group leader. Power Groups are a great way to recruit and introduce people to the Pursue Passions Challenge. Since the Power Group has a predetermined start date, it turns the registration process into an EVENT. Sometimes an event is easier to promote, talk about and share on social media. 

Focus Groups 

       A Focus Group is a mixture of a Coaching Blueprint and a Power Group. For example, a personal trainer may offer 1-on-1 training as well as group training. A Coaching Blueprint is similar to 1-on-1 training and a Focus Group is the group training version. It is up to you to decide how much (if any) coaching sessions will be provided. Focus Groups should cost less (per person) than Coaching Blueprints. This will make it accessible to members who can’t afford the 1-on-1 options. Focus Groups may also be a good fit for people who desire group accountability as well as guidance from a coach. As members see their group mates striving toward goals, it will motivate them to stay strong toward their own. Great friendships will be formed throughout the duration of the collaboration which will add to the overall unity of your organization. There are many variations you can make to your Focus Group, so modify it to suit your organization's preferences.