Coaching Introduction

TwoWks would like you to share your passion and expertise! Through our virtual coaching tools, you'll be able to help millions of people learn how to dance (or at least have some rhythm). This page was made to introduce you to TwoWks and explain how you our virtual coaching platform works.


About TwoWks


Click to watch the video below


TwoWks started off as RosterRecharge ( which was accountability software specifically for coaches and athletes. Since then the idea has grown to include anyone who has a goal that would benefit from increased accountability. 


The Goal Progression Log


This video explains how to setup a Goal Progression Log (on Version 1.2) and will help you understand what Tasks, UnProductives, Ratings and Questions are all about.

In the video, the example goal is to "Hike Mount Everest". 


Virtual Coaching


TwoWks V-Coaches can create the following products:

  • Templates - Templates are basically a list of Tasks, UnProductives, Ratings and Questions that are all curated to accomplish a specific goal (e.g. learn how to dance, lose weight, be more joyful etc...). You can view a list of our current templates by visiting 
  • Pipelines - Pipelines are similar to an online curriculum. For example, if there was a "5 Week Dance Pipeline" then when a user signs up, each week they would be emailed [a] a 3 minute video where the V-Coach teaches and [b] a new/modified Template based on the lesson that was taught in the video. Our software will also allow you to setup 'automated virtual awards' that will give users badges for various accomplishments (e.g. completion, consistency, collaborating etc...). You can view an example of a Pipeline (via Version 1.2) by visiting as well as
  • Liveline - Livelines are similar to Pipelines except instead of getting a new video each week (or month), they will have a phone call with the V-Coach about their successes, failures and strategy. After the phone call, the V-Coach would customize a new Template based on the user's progress. Livelines are more expensive than Pipelines because it requires more of the coaches time.

Starting off, we'd like you to create 1 Beginners Pipeline, 1 Intermediate Pipeline and [if you want] an Advanced Liveline. You'll have the freedom to make the Pipelines show new videos weekly, bi-weekly or monthly / they can be 1 week or 52 weeks long / the videos can be long or short.


Benefits & incentives


       TwoWks is currently going through a major re-branding process that will add new features, increase our mobile capabilities and ultimately reach critical mass! V-Coaches are one of our new additions and you'd be one of the first! Here are a few ways that you'd benefit by helping us produce Templates and Pipelines:

  • Increase your following - Becoming one of TwoWks's first V-Coaches will ensure you stay on our 'featured section' for the first few years. As we move forward with our go-to-market strategy, people will gain access to your coaching products by the thousands. This will be a great opportunity to drive traffic to your Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. 
  • Resume booster - Noone will question your credentials once they find out that thousands of people went through your training courses. Becoming an authority in the field can create many opportunities for coaching workshops, tours, seminars, speaking engagements and sponsorships. 
  • Monetization - From advertisements, product placement, Template sales, Pipeline sales and Liveline sales there are many ways this partnership will generate revenue for you.