Webinar Builder


       Do you want a reason to get back in touch with your past clients? Want to brand yourself as an expert in the field? How would you like to build an archive of valuable video content? Now you can. With Real Estate XYZ's Webinar Builder, you can easily host your own webinar and interview guests from across the country!



  1. Browse our library of interviews and choose a topic for your webinar 
  2. We will record you reading scripted questions to the Subject Matter Expert 
  3. The guest will respond to your questions and present visually appealing Powerpoint slides
  4. We edit, polish and finalize the video to make it available as a webinar 
  5. Send your past clients a link to your value-packed webinar and watch the referrals roll in


  • 20 - 90 minute customizable webinars 
  • Personalized Real Estate XYZ presenter page
  • Add webinars to your own YouTube channel 
  • Q&A box and/or live chat during the webinar 
  • Let audice download the Powerpoint slideshow 


  • Keeping your property value high
  • Investing in real estate opportunities
  • Personal goal setting and accountability
  • Making your homeowners experience your own
  • Tips for hosting events and get together
  • The current state of the Arizona market
  • Finding the right Title and Mortgage company